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VEG Education is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO#45732) that has been born from a need to think differently about training in the horticulture industry and to develop skills in growing, producing, packaging, selling, serving and cooking food.

We provide both accredited and non-accredited training to meet the need of our clients.

Our accredited scope is a list of training products that we have approval to deliver training and/or assessment in. Visit:

We offer a rare insight into an Australian horticulture business that understands the challenges facing the industry today.

Our comprehensive horticulture courses use real-life examples and case studies to demonstrate how to run a thriving business and assist in navigating the ever-changing legal and compliance landscape within the horticulture industry.


A Living Classroom

Our unique living classroom experience allows people from across the world to access horticulture education.

Legal Knowledge

Receive up to date training on current legislative frameworks and compliance with advice from a practising lawyer.

Teacher ICON

Industry Educators

Dynamic, forward-thinking and successful business owners teach you about the issues that matter most.

Our Programs

VEG offers more than 15 programs covering all aspects of horticulture industry and training, with specialised programs for schools. We’re constantly improving our courses and looking for new ways to educate the next generation of horticulturalists.

A unique approach to
education and training

VEG educators use their years of experience to arm you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Learn from the people fighting in the arena and kick-start your horticulture career.

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Skilled Staff for a Better Business

Our courses are designed for both those that wish to improve their own horticulture skills and business owners looking to upskill their team. At VEG Education we believe that building up skilled, educated leaders is the best way to build a strong business. Our courses are designed to support your business from the ground up and inspire a new generation of smarter, safer work practices both in horticulture and the wider industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Horticulture?
Horticulture is a discipline that deals with the cultivation of plants and crop production. The word horticulture is derived from the Latin words ‘hortus’ meaning garden and ‘cultura’ meaning culture. In layman’s terms, horticulture means the art or practice of growing fruits, vegetables and more.
Which VEG Program Should I Start With?

VEG Start is our workforce induction program and is a good place to start prior to commencing work in the horticulture industry. Safety is one of the most important skills required and our BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety has been contextualised for the horticulture industry.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Horticulture?
Studying horticulture allows you to engage with people from all walks of life while working either outside or indoors. Working in the industry gives you many opportunities for career development.
How Can I Start Working in Horticulture?

Following a career in horticulture goes beyond growing and harvesting, and there are a range of diverse working opportunities in Australia. Are you more interested in the science behind plant cultivation and propagation, or would you prefer a more hands-on role amongst nature?

A budding career in horticulture could allow you to branch out in many different directions.
To work across the fresh produce sector, you will need to be able to deal with the physical demands of the role (such as working on your feet, heavy lifting and working outdoors in different climates) and also have a reliable, enthusiastic attitude.

Do You offer Certifications in Horticulture?
As a Registered Training Organisation, VEG Education offers accredited training contextualised to the horticulture industry. We can provide specialist programs that are both accredited and non accredited, giving you insight to the vibrant horticulture industry.

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