Launch your career in horticulture with VEG Education. We offer a series of horticulture programs covering all aspects of horticulture, from understanding farming and produce to farm safety and horticulture business management. Learn from successful horticulture business owners and industry leaders. Click on any program below to learn more.

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Study Offline and Online Horticulture Courses

Our online horticulture courses give you the flexibility to study the way you want to. Our online courses and digital resources give you the tools you need to learn real-world horticulture skills, either in your own time or through our living classroom and workplace placements. For more information on course structure, discuss your needs with our team today.

Study Horticulture Online Today

If you’re looking to start a career in horticulture, or want to build on your existing skills, VEG Education can help you achieve your goals. When you do a horticulture course online, you have complete access to course materials as you need them, as well as resources and support. Our team of passionate horticulture experts has years of industry experience.

Throughout your chosen program they’ll work closely with you to ensure you reach your goals, whether that’s building the foundational skills required for work in horticulture, or improving your existing decision making, management, and strategic management skills.

horticulture courses

We all know what it’s like…

Your business is going great (or not… COVID-19); you’re doing the things you know. But you also know that there are some pinch points in your business; some areas that could be safer, some processes you need to introduce.
But you’re frozen: I don’t know what to do? I don’t know where to start? Will the business afford it? Am I putting myself or business at risk?

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