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Business Ethics


This program has been designed for farm owners and senior leaders to understand business ethics as they apply in the horticulture industry. How do we make ethical decisions in our business? This program explores ethical decision making.


Business ethics training is very important for all companies, regardless of their size and industry.

Business ethics involves everything from how you treat your employees to the products you choose to sell. Ethics training helps people understand their responsibilities towards others, and how those responsibilities impact the success of their company.

The responsibility of companies also includes how they treat their customers and suppliers, as well as how they choose to advertise and promote their business.

Target Audience:

This intensive ethics program is tailored for senior-level leaders looking to hone their critical thinking skills and deeply interrogate their own ethical framework, building a solid moral scaffolding to guide their future leadership.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Hone ethical reasoning and critical leadership skills
  • Strengthen moral scaffolding to help in making ethical judgements
  • Create clarity around decision making
  • Generate organisational and personal ethically sound action

Learning Methods:

Program Benefits:


  • What is Business Ethics
  • Implementing Ethics in the Workplace
  • Business and Social Responsibilities
  • Ethical Decisions
  • Developing a Code of Ethics

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Your business is going great (or not… COVID-19); you’re doing the things you know. But you also know that there are some pinch points in your business; some areas that could be safer, some processes you need to introduce.
But you’re frozen: I don’t know what to do? I don’t know where to start? Will the business afford it? Am I putting myself or business at risk?

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