The educational benefits of our Farm Gate Program are diverse. Not only is it a fun and a hugely memorable time, but there are also constant opportunities for students to expand their own individual tacit knowledge crucial to higher level learning and problem-solving skills.  Programs are aligned to the curriculum, targeting Design Technologies, specifically Technology Contexts of Food and Fibre Production and Food Specialisations.


 The aim of this project is to increase exposure and awareness of where food comes from, supply chains and promotion of the diversity of career opportunities in the horticulture sector.  As such, there will be media, photography and videography occurring during excursions.  Schools will be asked to collect release forms from students attending so that we are able to freely capture and spread the word about fresh produce farming to the broader community.



Until July 2024, VEG Education Farm Gate Programs are fully funded for Victorian schools thanks to the Victorian Government’s Agriculture TAFE and Training Fund.

Travel costs will be covered up to $1000 per visit.

Numbers capped at 30 students per excursion.

Are you interested in a fully funded VEG Education Farm Gate Program?


Primary School Program

Engage your primary school class in the world of agriculture and get them excited about vegetables with a hands-on farm excursion

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Secondary School Program

Give your secondary students real-world insight into the farming industry and introduce them to the fun side of agriculture

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Food Futures

Want to deliver a contextualised VET course in Agriculture, Hospitality or Cookery at your school? Find out more about our industry-specific auspiced qualifications.


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